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Shocking New Study Finds Teachers Grade Students Off Test Scores, Not Sucking Up

Jordan Becker BRYN MAWR, PA––In a recent finding, researches reported that teachers at Barrack are grading students based on their test scores and other quantitative metrics, a shock to many of the longstanding teachers’ pets. The results indicated that, despite their hard work in trying to get on their teachers’ good sides, kiss-ups actually receive

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Barrack’s Presidents to the Derech Eretz Council

Rebecca Shaid In recent news, Student Association president Sophia Shapiro and senior class president Rebecca Shaid have been brought to the school. While up to their ~usual shenanigans~ in reform minyan, Mr. Dorsch a.k.a. Dictator Dorsch a.k.a. Rabbi Mathew Dorsch said “I have had enough,” promptly writing two pink slips, three demerits, and one very

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