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New Bell Reform Lowering Stress?

Jon Cohen This past week, Head of Upper School and part-time alpaca breeder, Dr. Darin Katz, announced that in an experiment, the Barrack school day would contain fewer school bells. Sources say that at the terminus of a four-hour meeting consisting of Barrack’s top administrators and coordinators, they came to a solution to Barrack student’s

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A Note From The Advisor

Mr. McLaughlin I am grateful that Hillel Weitzman has resuscitated The Cougar’s Monocle, bringing one of Barrack’s only intentionally satirical publications to our humor-loving community. To honor Hillel, who is very humble, I decided to conduct a little research into his background. Enjoy! ~ Mr. McLaughlin Biography Hillel Weitzman (29 July 1924 – 23 July

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Why Barrack Should Replace the Three Vending Machines with Three Vending Machine Sized Paintings of Vending Machines

Hillel Weitzman    The year is 2020. You walk into the dining commons and see the flood of high schoolers sitting in their flying cars, eating their virtual lunches. You turn to the right and see the haughty group of seniors, dressed in nothing but loincloth and snapbacks, which are back in style. You turn

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