Best Purim Ever

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Anita Hoffman 

As Purim is right around the corner, I have been watching my nine year old sister struggle to come up with a costume to wear to school. She is a little down because she claims it won’t be as special this year, so everyday I tell her something good about Purim because of quarantine. I thought that these reasons could help everyone get into the Purim spirit, so here are the top 10 reasons why Covid will make this year the best Purim. 

  1. The groggers won’t be too loud from six feet away 
  2. You can put your costume over your regular clothes to keep you extra warm during lunch 
  3. An excuse to be happy: it’s Adar! 
  4. No one will be able to tell if you break the Fast of Esther if you stay home 
  5. You can make your Google Meet background look like Persia 
  6. Put together “vaccine” and “Fauci” and you get “Vashti”
  7. Your costume can be PPE
  8. It’s an excuse to get dressed in the morning 
  9. Send Mishloach Manot from afar 
  10. WEAR A MASK! 

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