What Siblings Think Each Other Do in the Mornings

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By Talia Frisch

Hello fellow Barrack students! Have you ever thought about what your siblings’ mornings are like? I know I do! I am almost one hundred percent sure I can walk you through everything Noah Frisch does every morning. To be honest, it is not much. 

The list below will be a typical school morning for Noah Frisch. This is everything you will have to do to have the official “Noah Frisch School Day Morning Experience.” I know, iconic, right?

  1. Have your dad come in to wake you up because the alarm is just not enough
  2. Take a 2-minute shower – to wake up and jam out to music
  3. Put on the same joggers and t-shirt you wore yesterday. If it smells, no big deal. Just spray a ton of deodorant on it. No one will know
  4. Go to the kitchen and eat all the food in sight
  5. Rush your sister while she is brushing her hair and make her leave that second for school, or else she will have to… dun dun dun… take the bus 
  6. Freak out because you can’t find the car keys, and then blame it on your sister
  7. Eventually, find them right where you put them last
  8. Listen to terrible music on the way to school (while thinking you have the best music taste ever)
  9. Arrive at school
  10. Do a terrible parking job
  11. Go into class and fail all work assigned to you

Sounds amazing, right?

Ok, while that all sounds like loads of fun, just wait until you hear how exhilarating Noah’s weekend days are. To achieve the official “Noah Frisch Weekend Day Morning Experience”, this is what you will have to do:

  1. Sleep until 3:00 pm
  2. Oh, wait, it’s not morning anymore!

Wow, what an exciting morning!

In conclusion, Noah Frisch has very fun mornings! Hope you enjoy it! I do not recommend following Noah’s morning routine because it will lead to severe laziness. It is advised by smart people to ask your parents before following one of these lists because they may result in being like Noah.

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