Barrack Bubble

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By Anita Hoffman

If it worked for the NBA, it can work for us! JBHA students, faculty, and staff can all enter a Covid-free bubble starting in January.  If only the direct JBHA community is allowed in the bubble, and none of us leave, we are guaranteed a safe educational environment. Not to mention all of these fun perks:

  • It’s like one big Shabbaton
  • Cut down on driving time (you’re welcome, Allentonians)
  • Wanna play us in sports? You’ll have to join our bubble!
  • Bring Wawa into the bubble!
  • Get to know our teachers better — much better!
  • It’s like the sleepover camp so many of us missed out on.
  • No need for outdoor classes in the winter!
  • If our parents want to find us, it’s THEIR turn to zoom. 
  • No substitute teachers.
  • No guest speakers. 

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