DDK Quelled My Quarantine Anxiety

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Jordan Becker


Quarantine has not been very fun. Aside from missing my friends and questioning the likelihood of being allowed to go on Muss, I’ve also been stressing about distance learning. The added challenge of having to stare at my computer for countless hours and additional homework has not been helping the cause. 

It was only yesterday, when I was taking another break from my history reading, feeling a lack of motivation to do my work that I decided to scroll through my Instagram feed. What I saw stopped me in my tracks: The Daily DDK. I remember it vividly, “Hey Boker Tov Barrack!” DDK said enthusiastically. I could not believe my luck. Here I was, just a few minutes ago, dreading the homework I still had to do, no drive to do anything. I felt invigorated the second I heard the day of the week not only in English, but Hebrew too! Then he said the unimaginable, “I’m sitting out here on my porch on a beautiful day, and I encourage you all to go outside as well!” I should go where? This whole quarantine I had locked myself indoors, never being told to go outside until this moment. The answer was so obvious! How could I had been so obtuse! If only it had come to my attention to go outside, perhaps quarantine would not have been so bad. I took his advice, and I am living a new life. I don’t do this often, only with the most earth shattering news, but I feel the need to share the word of DDK! I encourage you to share this with your neighbor, mailman, or even your pets. It’s time to tell the world that we should all get some fresh air.


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