The Harcum Lot

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Anita Hoffman

When I was first told that Juniors had to park in the Harcum lot, I was so upset! I thought that the walk over the hill was not fair. However, after less than one month, I realized I wouldn’t trade my spot in the Harcum lot for even a prized senior spot. * After all, there are many advantages to parking in the beloved Harcum lot!
You may not realize but …

The added 3 minutes of walking, each way, burns up to 75 calories. What a great way to fit some exercise into our busy day!
Studies show that time spent outdoors directly increases happiness and lowers stress. What a stress free happy life in the Harcum lot!
Human breathing is beneficial to the environment as we use carbon to exhale carbon dioxide. Save the world, Harcum parkers!
We get the extra opportunity to make sure our campus is secure by patrolling the south end of the campus. Thanks, Juniors!
We get to experience college life firsthand by spending time on the Harcum campus (or at least their parking lot).
There are many opportunities for exclusive junior-to-junior food and merch sales in the Harcum lot. (They haven’t started yet but just wait and see… #Barrackblackmarket)
The inevitable parking lot fender benders are with your own classmates, not students from other grades.
Parking at Harcum helps prevent lateness because we juniors must get to school earlier in order to account for the added walk time.

As you can see, the benefits to parking in the Harcum lot are countless. Barrack IS worth the schlep. Thank you, Mr . Stroker!

*If any seniors do want to trade spots, please contact me ASAP

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