6 Days of School

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Anita Hoffman

At the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, we ALL Love Where We Learn. Because of our undying love for school and education, I wonder what would happen if we spent MORE time at school. I’m saying, instead of 5 days of school a week, we could have 6! So, I got to thinking, and here are 6 reasons why 6 days of school makes sense – even though it’ll never happen :(.

6 days better aligns with 6 letter days. It’s just right.
There are 6 days of school in Israel. Why not support their model?!
There’d be no more Monday fear because we already started the week on Sunday.
It won’t interfere with church.
It is a good way to avoid our non Barrack siblings.
We can root for snow on Sundays too. How great would more snow days be?

Hope to see you all at school on Sunday!

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