Barrack’s Presidents to the Derech Eretz Council

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Rebecca Shaid
In recent news, Student Association president Sophia Shapiro and senior class president Rebecca Shaid have been brought to the school. While up to their ~usual shenanigans~ in reform minyan, Mr. Dorsch a.k.a. Dictator Dorsch a.k.a. Rabbi Mathew Dorsch said “I have had enough,” promptly writing two pink slips, three demerits, and one very daunting ‘detention’ (and this was a real detention not a swipe-card detention). Few have survived to tell stories of their lunch period doing homework in 1101, but from those who have– the stories are… alarming.
Shaid and Shapiro had no choice but to appeal to the Derech Eretz Council. It was a tough battle considering Shapiro’s vice president, treasurer and secretary were all on the deliberating council. They fought for their rights long and hard, even bringing in biblical arguments and hiring SA secretary and Mock Trial extraordinaire Sarah Scheinmann as their lawyer. Some were concerned about Scheinmann’s conflicting interests of being on the council AND defending the presidents, but in the end, she voted, solely on morals of course, for Shaid and Shapiro.
Today is a day in history to remember. A day when odds were beat and justice was served.

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