Barrack Breakfast Club

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Mira Greenspan
This high school is the same as any other: highs, lows, sideways, horizontal, diagonal, triangular. There is regular drama and clashing personalities. We’re going to focus on a few key characters.
I’ll start off by telling you about Hear and Israel. These two have been in a committed relationship for what feels like 71 years. They are, what you could say, is a perfect couple. They feed off each other’s support and love in every way possible. They are the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Barrack. Their interests often overlap instead of conflict. When it comes to social media, these two have it down. They sporadically post about each other on instagram, yet it’s always enough to let people know they are not to be messed with. Never, in the history of the school, has there been a more stable relationship.
Now that couple isn’t the only love story going on. According to a close source, there is a severe love triangle between EAC, BARC, and HRC. EAC can’t figure out who they want to be with; they are torn between the causes of each. This tension also caused a rift between BARC and HRC, who used to be terrific friends and would work together. This love triangle has been going on for almost three months now, and BARC and HRC have barely spoken to each other. They cannot agree on what the best thing for EAC to do. EAC could be a great match for either of them but they cannot choose. It’s truly a sad case, and EAC needs to figure out what to do because having BARC and HRC feuding is not suitable for the school environment. It is even possible that if worked out the right way, the three of them could change the world.
One couple that should be pointed out is Mock Trial and Moot Beit Din. They are an interfaith couple. Many people weren’t sure they could make it work because of the drastically different ways they handle issues, but here they are four years later. Many other couples look up to them and think of them as the strongest soulmates that have ever lasted through school. These two started dating in 9th grade and have set the bar extremely high; every freshman wants their high school love experience to be like theirs. That’s all for the most prominent relationships in the school, now onto the real drama.
Yearbook is seemingly the ‘queen bee’ of the school (keyword seemingly). She thinks she runs the world, but her reality is different from the reality of the school. Many people want to be friends with her because they know that pictures with and from her can be seen all around the school. She always has her squad with her and gets invited to all of the parties(when she’s not throwing them). However, there were not many people who said that they enjoy being around her. No one denies the fact that she still has friends but many questions if those friends are real and if they have an ulterior motive. One of the Yearbook’s biggest one-sided fights is with Chronicle. Chronicle has been silently beefing with Yearbook for years and always tries to outdo them. This fight has never amassed to anything because Chronicle won’t confront her but instead writes passive-aggressive articles about Yearbook that characterize her badly.
Deca has a mixed reputation beyond belief. He is a genius in the business world and knows how to get things to go his way. He smooth talks teachers, administrators, investors and every possible person on the planet. Every girl that this boy talks to is charmed by this suave future entrepreneur. However, he is not only a genius in the business world, but he is also just naturally bright. His smarts are not something he is unaware of, and so he decides to miss many school days because he knows he can “catch up quick” (Deca ‘20).
As every school does, we have a hippy-dippy flower child; ours is Heart to Heart. She has a reputation for being the sweetest girl in the world. She knows what she does benefits here a little bit but does her work mostly for the good of the less fortunate.
In reality, our school is just a regular high school with ordinary people; cliques stay the same, and drama never changes.

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