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Anita Hoffman

Those poor Allentonians. They have to schlep to and from school for over an hour each day. However, because of their growing population, Barrack should consider moving to Allentown to accommodate them. Not only would this benefit the Allentonians, but it would help Barrack as well! Here are 8 reasons why a move to Allentown for Barrack would be great:
2:00 dismissal on Friday’s for Shabbat for Allentonians is no longer needed – more school for everyone!
Barrack can eliminate the snow days for only the Allentown students because they no longer need to travel far
Barrack can save money on the Allentown bus ride
The Iron Pigs are close
Barrack can finally start a ski team
Mrs. Trajtenberg will be closer to her college, Muhlenberg – Go Mules!
The rest of us can sleep in their houses now.
We can rebrand our school: JBHA – Jack M. Barrack Hebrew of Allentown

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