How To Sneak a Workout Into Your School day

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Anita Hoffman

Barrack students tend to struggle with scheduling. We must manage our homework, tests, quizzes, tutors, friends, family, doctor appointments, showering, and so many other tasks. One thing that I forgot to mention is EXERCISE! Mr. Cooper would back me up on this one, but exercise is crucial to your health, not only for the physical benefits but also for the mental. Studies have shown that working out can reduce stress, and we all know Barrack students need this. Well, the Cougar’s Monocle has got you covered with eight ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routines at the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy. 

  1. Park far away. Sophomore? Senior? Junior? Faculty? Doesn’t matter! Get in those extra 120 steps, including some incline, by parking your vehicle in the Harcum parking lot. 
  2. Join yearbook! After grabbing that fork from the dining commons and then hiking all the way to 1404 three times a cycle will all be worth it. You can even volunteer to take a few pictures so that you can run around the school.  
  3. When praying, join a liturgical minyan. This way, you can incorporate all of the extra bows during Musaf. 
  4. Use the Writing Center. Walking all the way up to the third floor, just to walk down again to learn your teacher isn’t there is a great way to get in those extra steps. Plus, if your teacher is there, it’s a great way to get those extra points. 
  5. Join a music elective. The two minute walk from building to building and the addition of the stairs to the actual music room will help you destress. 
  6. Leave your lunch box “by accident” in a classroom on the third floor. By doing this, you’ll have to adventure around the whole school. Now THAT is a workout. 
  7. Write everything down during class. It can really help strengthen your arm! 
  8. Never bring your math textbooks home. You are welcome, Mrs. Strick, because Barrack students will be lugging those books around everywhere. With this added into your routine, not only will you gain muscle strength, but you will also get to study some extra math. 

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