How to Sneak a Dog into School

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Devora Solomon


Step 1: Get a dog

This step is very important as none of the others can be completed without this one. Also, get a cute dog, because what’s the point of an ugly one?


Step 2: Buy a bag

Make sure it is at least as big as the dog. Slightly bigger than the dog is best.


Step 3: Wrap the dog in a towel

Wrap the dog so that their face sticks out. Then give them a kiss because they’re a good dog! 


Step 4: Place dog in the bag

This step is also very important. 


Step 5: Go to school

I mean if you feel like it.


Step 6: Walk into school with the bag

Try your best to keep the dog’s head in the bag but don’t zip it up, because, ya know, the dog needs to breathe. Also be careful of the check in stations- they don’t just check for swipe cards. 


Step 7: Enjoy your dog in school

This is a great opportunity to keep your spirits up during the day and make your friends happy!


I hope you found this article to be helpful. And remember, if you use these steps you are required to bring the dog to me, Devora Solomon, for pets and love.


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