An Actual Research Paper Topic

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Lauren Mermelstein

Most every Barrack high schooler is familiar with the agony of choosing a topic for their research paper. It’s hard to pick a single topic of interest from the millennia of recorded history. Personally, I’ve faced this problem many times. The deeper I research, the more topics I find interesting. So if you happen to be reading this while also being stuck in your search, there’s a great topic waiting for you: dishwashers. No, not the people, but the machines, of course. In the realm of time, the dishwasher’s history has been lost…forgotten. But why? We all see dishwashers daily, and you could say we take advantage of them as well, but do you know anything about them? Like have you ever thought, I wonder how this dishwasher got here? Why does it exist? What movement is behind it? You can study consumerism in the 20th century to discover the craze behind the dishwasher. 

To study the history of consumerism as it relates to the dishwasher is to explore the relationship between dishwasher and human. It has been argued since its conception that the dishwasher is more convenient, which explains its increase in popularity over the years. But are dishwashers really more convenient when they break down? Or what about when the dish rack falls off its tracks, shattering your expensive dishes? When your dishwasher breaks, it distracts you from more important things. You need to focus your energy on researching the brand, make, model, and size of a new replacement dishwasher instead. Plus, with the constant advancements in dishwasher features, it’s harder for the consumer to determine what they really want. We are creatures of habit! 

 Clearly, there’s a dark side to dishwashers that seems to go unnoticed. There are two forces at play in consumerism: the innocent consumer and the pesky dishwasher. To me, it seems reasonable to say that the dishwasher is an assault on human productivity. (After all, my dishwasher just broke as I was working on my own research paper.) Just think about how the world would be different if dishwashers did not exist. We could have focused on more important things, like landing on Mars, curing cancer, solving hunger, or even creating world peace. So it’s safe to say that the only thing standing between us and world peace is, yes, the dishwasher. 

Anyway, enough about dishwashers. It’s time for you to get back to your research paper. 


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