Coming Up With Article Ideas For Monocle

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Rebecca Shaid and Helen Rudoler


*Sitting in senior lounge*

Rebs: Who wants to write a monocle article with me, right here, right now. 

Helen: Fine, Rebs. Stop standing on the table. 

*Rebs reluctantly climbs down*

Rebs: Okay, now we just need an idea. 

Helen: Ah! I have such a good idea. How about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church? We could make it so funny. 

Rebs: Look, I know you’re new to the satire world, but it has to be based on truth. Come on, Helen!

Helen: You’re so smart, Rebs. I know none of my ideas would be as funny as yours… but what about a fake open house tour where the students say really bad things about the school instead of, like, Barrack Propaganda. 

Rebs: I don’t know… it seems a little bit too ridiculous. Think more on the lines of… listing our favorite flavors of dog food!

Helen: Gosh Rebs, I don’t know how you come up with this stuff! Guess that’s why you’re Editor-in-Chief! 

Rebs: It’s okay, Helen. One day you’ll get to be as good as me, although it might take a while. And you won’t be AS good. Ever. But close. Maybe. 

Helen: Oh, well you know I’m actually the editor-in-chief of the Cougar’s Chronicle

Rebs: Haha. That publication is such a joke. 


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