The Special Grade

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Ruby Benjamin

As the Class of 2019 moves out of Barrack and into their oh-so-bright futures, the administration begins to turn their attention to the Class of 2020: also known as “The Special Grade.” Mrs. Levin insists that this charming title is as a result of 2020 being a class that has mostly been together since middle school, but there is much more at play here. In fact, 2020 has “won the prize for most competitive class” according to our beloved Mrs. Trajtenberg. We also somehow always manage to be louder than the actual speakers at grade meeting and our long-distance FaceTime calls with Dr. Katz and Mrs. Levin from Muss. But hey, we still do have a great bond!

Anyway, as 2020 approaches, some younger grades have become a bit jealous of our reputation, gunning for that “special slot.” Here’s how:

  1. Class of 2021: We know, the Shabbaton was snowed out and then rescheduled, and then the power shut off. Then came the make-up breakfast; the power turned off again…convenient… It seems like the school is now indebted to 2021 and will need to make up for their lack of shabbatonim in a big way. Is the insider snow day calculator line between Dr. Katz and the grade not enough?!
  2. Class of 2022: 2022 is a pretty big grade, and of course, the newest additions to JBHA’s Upper School, and, their lounge is right next to Dr. Katz’s office. You don’t even need to shut off the power to get DDK’s coveted attention!
  3. Class of 2023: Slow your roll 2023. You rule the middle school right now, but you’re not quite in high school yet–the Big 10 college sweatshirts aren’t convincing anyone. Enjoy the assemblies, but prepare yourselves for English essays and reading quizzes galore. At least you will get to use your phones at break and lunch…
  4. Class of 2024: Sorry 2024, but for now you’re Barrack’s middle child. Don’t worry though; you’ll be in 8th grade soon. When that day comes you’ll be the kings and queens of the much nicer Middle School wing. For now though, put your phones out of sight and out of mind, and remember that seventh grade is almost over.
  5. Class of 2025: Oh, the adorable 6th graders. Your eyes are still aglow with the prospects of bright futures and love of where you learn. But unfortunately, your days of loveable glory are numbered. It might be tough at first, but keep your heads up and you’ll work your way up the Barrack ladder.

So, even though all Barrack students are, of course, unique and extraordinary, the Class of 2020 has a “special” place in all of our hearts.


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