When You Shouldn’t Get Bangs

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Rebecca Shaid

As every girl knows, a haircut can be a big decision! You have to ponder questions such as “What if I look horrible with this haircut?”. It’s an internal debate that many girls go through. I’m here to try and make that big haircut decision just a little bit easier.

Just a little back-story: I recently got bangs. I was going through post-Muss-depression and I made the carefully calculated decision (or so I thought)  to put a beard on my forehead. I was soon struck down with the extra maintenance time and constant pressure to make sure they looked good.. I personally hate putting a lot of effort into  my appearance and I’m also quite lazy, so as I soon learned, bangs were not the hairstyle for me. I soon got rid of them and then naturally, my FBI agents flooded by phone with bangs memes (attached below). So anyway, here is the article I wish I read before doing it:

  1. Are you going through a particularly emotional time in your life?
  2. Did you just go through a breakup?
  3. Are you battling with any life-changing decisions?
  4. Are you even remotely emotionally unstable?
  5. Are you lazy, like at all? (seriously be honest with yourself)
  6. Do you sweat a lot?
  7. Would you mind losing ten minutes of sleep every morning?
  8. Have you never learned how to use a blow-dryer?
  9. Are you feeling nostalgic of your childhood hairstyles?
  10. Do you not like putting a lot of effort into your appearance?

Bangs can be great and really look great on some people, but if you answered yes to any of these, I would recommend not getting bangs, or at least waiting until you’re more emotionally stable and can answer no to all questions. Anyway, I hope this article helped you with this major life-changing decision and definitely reach out if you need someone to remind you that bangs are not a good choice. (Just kidding- they took like three weeks to grow out and please don’t try to talk to me).


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