The Pictures Barrack Failed to Hang

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Lauren Mermelstein and Sophie Warsetsky

You are a prospective parent visiting Barrack. You see, lining every wall, the new, professionally-curated photographs of students. “Boy, do these students love where they learn,” you think to yourself as you stare at a photograph of a young child perfecting the hand raise. While these pictures seem like the perfect advertisements, you can’t help but think which pictures didn’t make the cut. There are many perfect images that did not qualify for hanging, but here are the important ones that should have been included:

  1. The parking lot: Barrack students aren’t only well rounded in their academics, but they are also impeccable parkers. How student drivers manage to fit their myriad of hand-me-down cars in the small parking lot, I cannot tell you. But I must say, on your next visit to Barrack, be sure to check out the student lot and peruse the parking jobs at your leisure.

  2. Reading quizzes: One of the many highlights of the History courses at Barrack is the weekly, unexpected reading quiz. Stop by any regular history class on your next visit to see confused Barrack students as they creatively and intellectually conjure up answers to questions that they just cannot answer.

  3. Pajama Friday (more commonly known as the closest thing Barrack has to uniforms): After a whole week of intense studying, there is nothing better than waking up knowing that you can skip an entire step in your morning routine. Besides, it is the perfect transition from weekday to weekend. Had the administration just photographed some pictures of Pajama Friday, you would never know the difference between a stressed student on a normal school day and a relaxed student on the weekend.

  4. Third-floor hallway: The third floor is the most popular meeting place for high schoolers. Located right outside the classrooms where nearly all high school classes take place, it is convenient not only for busy students but also for teachers. With a width of approximately one yard, these hallways provide ample room for post-lunch hangouts. The hallways are also fun for students rushing to get to class post-lunch. Before diving right into rigorous academia, the halls are a natural obstacle course that lead you to your required destination.

  5. Pre- Shabbos dance parties: There is nothing better than relaxing on a pajama Friday while having the music of three large speakers blaring in the lobby. For sure, one thing that sets Barrack apart from every school in the area is its weekly, 10:00 am dance party.


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