The Guide to Talking in Class

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Rebecca Shaid

If you’re a new student or have a teacher you’ve never had before, forget that class syllabus and Derech Eretz pledge! This guide to talking in class is the only thing you’ll need.

Anderson: Talk about feminism or Bernie Sanders, and you’re good-to-go.

Rabbi Yondorf: Just smile when he looks your way.

Mrs. Siney: Yell, you’re fine, but you better feel bad about yourself after.

Mrs. Taichman: Do not attempt.

Oded: As long as it’s in song, it’s okay.

Mr. Baxter: Just engage him in the conversation.

Rabbi Rosenberg: Talk in the form of questions, and if he hears you he’ll give a very long answer.

McLaughlin: Don’t even try it. Even one whisper and you’re done.

Mrs. Scheinmann: Just compliment her clothes!

Ms. Strick: If she hears you, ask about her apple pencil.


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