Bird Box from the Perspective of Someone Who’s Never Seen It

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Devora Solomon

As you may have guessed from the title of this article, I’ve never seen Bird Box. But don’t be fooled, I’m fairly certain I know the movie well based on the abundance of memes I have viewed within hours of its release. (I’ve included my personal favorites below) Now I know what you’re thinking “How could you know what a movie is about based only on memes?” I also made it about 43 seconds into the trailer before I got too scared to continue.
Anyway, back to the point. From the Bird Box memes, I have gathered that Sandra Bullock has been blindfolded and can not figure out how to take it off. Not only has she been subjected to this, but two children, who I can only assume belong to her, have as well. So now Sandra Bullock has to figure out how to do everyday things while blindfolded, like canoeing, because who doesn’t do that everyday. I have also seen some pictures of her scratching at trees. Perhaps she can no longer file her nails because, you know, she can’t see. I wonder how she read the script.
Not only have the memes given insight into the movie itself, but they also reference many pop culture things that can be helpful if you live under a rock. For instance if you are a freak like me and you don’t watch football, a meme of Sandra Bullock’s head photoshopped onto a football player’s body might tell you a bit about what people think of his skill. From this particular meme I have gathered that he sucks at football. (“Go Birds!”)
Now I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Bird Box challenge, but basically it’s a thing where people try to do things while blindfolded and then put it on the internet. Some people have even tried driving while blindfolded. I think I’ve dodged a few in the Barrack parking lot. But seriously guys don’t do this, unless you’re already blind then I guess it’s fine.
So if you guys end up watching Bird Box let me know what you think. I’m kind of an expert but I might be missing a few things. I mean if you read this article you don’t even need to see the movie, but ya know, do what you want.

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