Jake Fuiman’s Winter Break

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Hillel Weitzman

For the past week Jake Fuiman has been coming to school by 8:15 and leaving at 3:35. He has been following his schedule, and has showed up to every class promptly before the bell. He has sitten quietly for 40 minutes and then has gone to his next class, just continuing his mundane daily routine. While this behavior would normally be seen as exemplary and encouraged, its winter break…and we don’t have school.

The Monocle staff was able to get ahold of his schedule and intercepted Jake at his 5th period class yesterday. When told of winter break, Jake responded, “Oh”.

He said that “nobody had told him” and “how was he supposed to know”. After our brief conversation with Jake, he elected to keep going to school despite his knowledge of winter break.
“I’ve already packed my lunches for the rest of the week, so I might as well keep coming.”

While his decision may seem not completely thought out, nobody is gonna stop Jake Fuiman from doing what he loves.

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