The Edgy New School Uniform Design

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Ethan Auritt||
This past Sunday, head of school Mrs. Sharon Levin sat down with the school board to discuss plans for implementing a mandatory school uniform policy. She described her uniform design as “one for the ages”. After the policy and design was rejected by the board, The Cougar’s Monocle was able to pick up a copy of the original sketches.
To the horror of the whole staff, all of the sketches were all based off Mrs. Levin’s newspaper outfit! The boys uniform was a newspaper suit and tie, while the ladies got a choice between a newspaper skirt (just the ends of news paper stapled together), or news paper khakis, with a bow on top. When asked for comment, Mrs. Levin stated that her uniform idea was for the purpose of keeping the students “focused, and up to date with today’s current events”.

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