The Jewish Studies Department said what!?

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Jon Cohen

“If Kamen doesn’t quit emptying the air out of my car tires every Wednesday, then he’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do at the next parent-teacher conference.” – Rabbi Razin on the chemistry between teachers

“I don’t know who this Kavanaugh character is, but if he can stop my neighbor Craig from stealing my chickens then they should let him sing whatever karaoke song he wants.” – Rabbi Rosenberg on the newest Supreme Court Justice.

“You can’t eat orange juice! It’s a liquid!” – Rabbi Lev on the improved lunch program

“What did Razin tell you? That silly parent-teacher conference threat? I’ll be taking the air out of his tires long past his bedtime” – Mr. Kamen on the school’s new kippah policy

“The other guys have really welcomed me in with open arms. I just hope they’ll invite me to their trip to Dorney Park, I hear only five JS teachers make the cut and the others have to stay back at school and feed Dr. Katz his soup”. – Rabbi Weiss on his adjustment to the new school

The JS teachers sure are outspoken!

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