Is summer over or is climate change just really bad and everybody forgot what time of year it is?

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Hillel Weitzman||

So, what is it? Is it really that time of year again? Labor day weekend has come and gone, college football is back in season, and I see school buses on every street. This could very well mean that summer is over, and it’s time to usher in the new school year and the change in weather that comes with it. Or…maybe climate change is really bad and everybody forgot what time of the year it is.

I’m not saying this is the case, or even trying to convince you that you should believe what I’m saying, but hear me out. Climate change has gotten very bad recently, and I mean very bad. It’s been raining all the time; it wasn’t warm until mid May, and we had a few days of 70 degree weather in February. That doesn’t raise any eyebrows? That doesn’t make you go “huh”? It makes me go “huh”. I think if we’re going to try to figure out what time of the year it is, weather has proven itself an unreliable resource.

Okay, so now that we know that we can’t trust the weather to tell us what time of year it is, let’s see if we can trust our own memory. I’m pretty sure it’s the end of summer, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s possible I forgot; I’m not perfect. I know what you’re gonna say: Hillel, why don’t you just look at a calendar? BUT WHO DO YOU THINK MAKES THOSE CALENDARS! People make those calendars, and just like myself, nobody is perfect. If one person messes up and makes the calendar off by only one day every year, that would mean we are off by 2018 days right now. If that’s the case from only one mistake every year, think about if there were two mistakes every year. That’s not a world I want to live in, but sadly, that’s the reality.

The school year is beginning, and we’re just believing it. We are all submitting ourselves to this. Open your eyes people. Open your eyes.

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