Newest Barrack Fashion Trend: Name-tags from Victoria

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Written by Rebs Shaid|

      A new fashion trend is sweeping the Barrack nation. The trendy lanyards that were most usually found from Lulu Lemon and Adidas (to match the shoes of course) are now so last month. This new happening fashion trend has spread like wildfire. If you want to be in with the cool kids, first you have to be in with what’s popping in the fashion industry, and what’s popping nowadays is a personalized name tag from security guard Victoria.

      Her beautiful cursive handwriting accents almost every outfit imaginable. The elegant blue trim around the name tag is so graceful that it is even able to distract everyone from the tired and drained eyes of every Barrack student. We’ve asked, security guard, Victoria to comment on this chic new fad.

     She said that there has been an unfathomable upsurge in forgotten swipe cards recently— about 100 a week. Victoria said that “the one thing [she] likes, is that [she] gets to learn the student’s names”. When asked if she every switches up the font, she said no (surely to keep the authenticity of it) but she did say that one student asked for their nickname to be written, and she did so.

     While it is hard to tell how this fashion trend will survive the end of the school year, when school rolls around next fall, expect Victoria to be back with it.


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