Is Anyone Else Curious Why We Didn’t Have School Today?

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Hillel Weitzman |

     Did anyone else notice that we didn’t have school today? I just realized and am pretty confused. Usually when we don’t have school it’s either Saturday or Sunday, but I just looked at a calendar and today was neither a Saturday or Sunday. It’s possible that I am looking at my calendar from last year, but that one had the number 2017 on the cover, not 2018. While I’m still really confused, and honestly distraught over why we just had an extra day without school, I was able to collect myself and reason a few possible causes of this:


  1. Dr. Katz made a mistake

I know this is hard to stomach, but nobody is perfect. Even the most intelligent people and most established institutions make mistakes sometimes. Perhaps, Dr. Katz got a bit confused and did this accidentally. We aren’t going to blame anyone in particular for this, because it won’t get us anywhere, but it is possible that Dr. Katz screwed the pooch on this one.


  1. God wanted it this way

God is known to get what he wants. If this is what God wanted, what was gonna stand in his way?


  1. The space time continuum is off

I don’t know a whole lot about space, time, or continuums, but is it possible that the space time continuum is off? If this is the case, I’m sure someone is already working on fixing it.


  1. We’re living in a dream

I often pinch myself. While yes, sometimes it is for pleasure, often it is to make sure I am not dreaming. I haven’t pinched myself recently so we can’t rule this one out just yet.


  1. It’s Ramadan

It’s probably just Ramadan.

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