5 Most Important Facts of the War of 1812 for Summer Vacation

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Written by: Josh Berkowitz|

We all spend our final days of the school year dreaming about what our summer might hold for us. Whether you’re going to a tropical island or backpacking in South America, what some people don’t understand is just how significant the War of 1812 was. You may be asking yourself what the war of 1812 has to do with your vacation, and here’s your answer: EVERYTHING. So in order to prepare you for your endeavors this summer, here are the top 5 most important facts about the war of 1812 that will drastically change how you view your summer.

  1. It had nothing to do with Uruguay, at all.

Thank god. As many Uruguayan people may tell you, the war of 1812 was extremely important for the history of the United States but had nothing to do with their home country. During that time, they were actually fighting for their own independence against the Spanish. Because of this, your vacation plans to Uruguay and other South American countries should go smoothly without any repercussions from the War of 1812.

  1. Christopher Columbus was not alive for this war.

Unfortunately, a common misconception is that Columbus was alive during this war. However, this is not the case. He may have discovered this country, but Columbus had very little involvement in the war itself.

  1. A movie made about the war called “The Buccaneer” produced in 1938 got a 6.7/10 on IMDb

This is great news for everyone traveling to the more tropical places this summer. Nothing is better than a 1930’s classic film, based on one of the top 20 best American fought wars! Picture the scene: You’re on the beach, cold drink in hand, and The Buccaneer playing on the little beach tv in front of you. What could be better?

  1. The odds of the war ever being fought again are 0%.

Luckily for everyone planning on traveling this summer, the chances of this war being fought again are little to none. Tensions between the British and French have subsided, leaving all the important parts of European travel open for exploration. For anyone worried about being attacked by the Royal Navy: don’t be. England and America are best buddies now, so no need to worry about Earl Bathurst launching any attacks on you and your family.


  1. Pitbull wrote the song “fireball” for the War of 1812.


Many don’t know this one, but Pittbull did in fact write the song fireball for the war. Inspired from when President James Madison signed the declaration of war on June 1st, 1812, Pitbull decided to commemorate the event with this Bar Mitzvah classic. The lyric “I’lI tell her baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby” is actually in reference to a battle between the US and the British Navy in Fort McHenry on September 13th, 1814. So inspired by this battle, he actually would go on to collaborate with Poet Francis Scott Key to write the equally classic: “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

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