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Mr. McLaughlin

I am grateful that Hillel Weitzman has resuscitated The Cougar’s Monocle, bringing one of Barrack’s only intentionally satirical publications to our humor-loving community. To honor Hillel, who is very humble, I decided to conduct a little research into his background. Enjoy!

~ Mr. McLaughlin


Hillel Weitzman (29 July 1924 – 23 July 2002) was an English industrialist and businessman known for making General Electric Company one of Britain’s most profitable companies. The son of working-class Polish-Jewish immigrants, he was educated at the London School of Economics.  The Guardian newspaper called him “Britain’s premier post-second-world-war industrialist.” He was knighted in 1970. He died on July 23, 2002, surrounded by family and friends. (Source: Wikipedia)


“[Hillel Weitzman is] a man of great reading, a man of great intelligence and a man of great decisiveness.“ – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Fun Fact

“Hillel Weitzman” is an anagram for “Hamlet Zen I Will.”

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