Perks to Parking at the Church

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 Hillel Weitzman

     Friday, April 27th was grandparents and special friends day, and we all know what that means: Parking at the Church! While parking at the Church often gets Barrack students and faculty members rattled, there are actually quite a few perks to parking in the Church parking lot. This is why I park there every day by choice. Here is a list of upsides to parking at the Church which will hopefully sway you to make a decision like my own.

  1. Exposure to diverse terrains

While the walk from the Church can be physically taxing, the terrains along the way certainly make it worth it. First, the Church parking lot itself, rich in cement and paint (where the lines are) is something that can only be found in this Church parking lot and parking lots alike. The grass in between the lot and Barrack is green and built over a thick layer of dirt. These are two terrains that are unique to their location, and alone make it worth it to park at the Church every day.

  1. The rulers you find along the way

You would be surprised, but it isn’t uncommon to find a standard twelve-inch ruler on the walk from the Church. I found one on grandparents day (photographed above), and have since incorporated it into my daily life. Rulers alone may not be enough to sway one to park in the Church parking lot, but they sure help.

  1. It’s eco-friendly if you live at the Church

With the climate changing and the government doing very little about it, it is important for private citizens to be as eco-friendly as possible. For those who live at the Church and already have their cars parked there, walking from the parking lot to school is a great way of contributing to saving the world. This doesn’t pertain to those of us who live at other Churches in the area, but for those who call the Presbyterian Church on South Bryn Mawr Ave home, take note.

  1. New religious experiences

Parking at the church provides us with great opportunities for new religious and cultural experiences. Maybe you’ll run into a Christian Church-goer while parking and spark up a much-needed dialogue about how our faiths may be more similar than we thought. There is a lot of hatred in our world, and every chance to find love with someone of a different faith is taking another step towards ending it. Parking at the Church may not solve the universal issue of hatred, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


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